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Fresh Oxygen

A 5,000 sq ft grass lawn can produce enough fresh oxygen daily for 14-34 people.

Cooling Potential

Lawns can be up to 60 degrees cooler than surrounding hardscapes.

Below Ground Benefits

Soil Arthropods

Managed lawns can host as many as 52 different arthropod families with over half of them representing beneficial insects.

Soil Microbiome

Grass lawns enhance soil microbial diversity when compared to bare soil and helps regulate microbial community composition.

Rainfall Capture

A 5,000 sq ft grass lawn can capture between 2,000 and 27,000 gallons of water depending on soil type

Carbon Capture

Carbon modeling research of a typical suburban home on a half-arce lot, landscape beds, shrubs, trees, and a grass lawn indicates that between 81 and 90% of the carbon captured in the landscape is captured by the lawn. 

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